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With all the woodwork finished its time to get painting!


A coat of primer first to seal the wood and keep the paint for seeping into the wood in weird and unexpected ways.



The base coat of paint is applied first to get the basic colors down and the overall look of the door.



A second pass to add detail and weathering. Dark grey and blacks are worked into the grain of the wood and the contours of the door. You can’t simply paint it brown and call it a day. This door needs to look like it was made hundreds of years ago and was used by the guards entering the tower for generations.


Miniature hardware has been added, which really brings character to the door. Sticking is also added to the window which will eventually separate the panes of glass.


These tiny pieces are pre-made for 1″ scale doll houses and have a really nice weathered look to them. They even came with tiny nails that had to be carefully hammered into the door to secure them!

Almost done with the door.  Next up is pouring the resin for the window and hanging it in its tiny door jamb.