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The Tower Gate immediately after removal from its foundation.

When we received the Tower Gate, the last building on path up to Cinderella’s castle, the small door on the left was missing entirely.  I thought this would be a great first piece to replace to test some techniques on a spot that would be fairly hidden in the final village.  The door, which is tucked away under a covered walkway that connects the tower the rest of the French Village, is a small detail that could be easily remade.  With only this photo to go off of, I could tell that the original had a nice little square window, which would give a nice little light in the darkness of the walkway.


The door-less Tower Gate.


The door is first sketched out at the right size which will be used as a template for the final door.


The sketch is transferred to plywood with a margin around the perimeter so that light doesn’t leak around the edges of the door. This will also make mounting the door easier.



The window is cut out, this will eventually have a resin window that will be illuminated from within the Tower Gate.

One whole layer of the plywood is removed around the door.


The planks that make up to door are carved out.


A wire brush is used to create the look of miniature wood grain, a technique used by the imagineers when the French Village was constructed!



The final carved door, ready for painting!