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Special thanks to Major Pepperidge for his amazing image of the village from his site http://gorillasdontblog.blogspot.com

When Storybook Land first opened in 1956, this village sat at on the mountainside below Cinderella’s castle.  They originally had warm brown rooftops which were eventually painted a cool grey after a refurbishment.  They were constructed of marine plywood and polyurethane resin, which eventually fell victim to constant exposure to the elements.  In 1981, during the major overhaul of Fantasyland, many of the buildings in Storybook Land were replaced with exact copies of the original but with modern fabrication techniques that would make them more permanent.


The original village now fifty-seven years old sits in pieces and in desperate need of preservation and restoration.  Our goal is to bring this structures back to life so that visitors to Walt’s Barn can enjoy the artistry of the imagineers that built them.