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The smallest of the Storybook Land village that I’ve named “Stair Tower” (because its a tower and its next to…well, stairs) is entering into the preservation stage of restoration.  This entails reassembling whats left of the structure, and bringing it back to its original shape without adding anything new, other than wood glue and replacing any rusted out nails.  Since the Stair Tower was never included in the original design for the exhibit (I didn’t realize we had it!), I’m considering leaving it simply in this “preserved” state and displaying it separately as an example of the state the village was in when it was donated and a clear example of why further restoration was needed.  Below, you’ll see the first steps taken in this preservation.

Towerfix01The years of  damage and fungal rotting have begun to eat away that the details.



Wood glue is injected into the joints and behind some of the detail wood work that is pulling away from the expanding plywood.  Epoxy injection will take place at a later date to those spots that are really bad.  I may, however, skip the epoxy step to keep it as “original” as possible for this piece.



All glued and clamped up to set!  One can never have too many clamps…


Clamps, clamps, and more clamps.  Its starting to look like a complete building again.

Stairtower image_sm

Here’s what the finished building will look like.  When I snapped this shot, the walls and roof were simply loosely connected with its existing rusty nails.  One huff and puff and it would have fallen apart.  Once the preservation is complete it will be able to be displayed; however, since its still very delicate it will have to remain behind glass.