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Whats truly amazing about this particular Storybook Land village is the amount of detail that was incorporated into back side of these buildings. The Storybook Land issue of “E” Ticket magazine even featured a shot of the back of this village showing a beautiful little stairway courtyard that’s hidden from view.



It had always puzzled me why this attention to detail was given to a section that can’t be seen by guests from either the canal boats or the Casey Jr. track.


But in doing my research looking through vintage photos on Davelandweb, I realized it wasn’t always that way!


Apparently when the attraction opened, the base of Cinderella’s castle looked much different than it does now. The path between the Tremaine house and the Dream Castle was much more open and clearly delineated through the rock work and the pumpkin carriage itself was even placed much lower down the mountain – almost at eye level! So if you were viewing the village from the canal boats in 1956, you would have easily seen the back side of the village and the rear courtyard. All the photos after this time show the addition of the lower village clusters that filled in the gap and perhaps unintentionally blocked the view to this area.

castlefromskyway_58This occurred within just a couple years after the attraction opened, so I can only assume that Walt Disney himself, while riding past the castle in canal boat on its opening day, whispered to someone, “Plus this area with a few more things.”