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The first image of the village building I’m calling the Stair Tower.  Its the only stand alone building from the village and it originally sat in front of the whole block right next to a stone staircase that leads down to the village below.  I didn’t realize that this building had survived until I started piecing together chunks from a box of “parts” that held all the pieces and bits of wood that had come detached over the years.


Amazingly the interior still contained a broken miniature incandescent bulb in a small corroded socket.


After carefully removing the bulb I was able to identify it as a GE47 – a 6.3 volt bulb that has an incredible lifespan. A valuable clue into the lighting system originally used inside these buildings.


After reassembling the four walls and placing on top what I have left of the roof, I placed a small battery operated bulb of similar size back inside.  I turned it on and suddenly the building came back to life.  It was though its resident had returned home after 30 years.  Although, I’m sure he or she is thinking, “What happened to my house!?”

Stairtower image_sm

This charming little building just might be the iconic image of the restoration effort. Because I wasn’t aware of its existence until recently, it wasn’t included in the original exhibit design. Therefore, I might decide to keep it as is. A reminder of how far gone the village was before the restoration began.