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This next installment will be focusing on the French Village, the very same village that we at the Carolwood Foundation are seeking funding to restore and display. The following images may be painful to see, but it illustrates how these buildings were removed from the banks of Storybook Land in 1981 and eventually ending up in our hands.


The original French Village, one final picture before they’re pried from their foundations.


With the structures removed, a gaping hole into the deep underground realm of Storybook Land is revealed. What’s down there you ask?


The most spiderwebs Jerry Parker had ever seen! This is the support structure for the rock wall that surrounds the French Village. I bet you never knew it was hollow!


The exact buildings that we are trying to restore, laying next to the Casey Jr. track before being transported back to the Staff Shop.


Looking at these same buildings now and how they were removed, its clear why and when they were separated into four pieces.


Only the Stair Tower remains after the entire French Village has been razed and a new foundation poured over the hole left behind.


Some parts of the lower French Village didn’t survive their removal, making the surviving village we’re restoring that much more priceless.


More casualties of the removal. Among the rubble, you can spot the Stair Tower which was eventually salvaged in pieces and now on display in Walt’s Barn.

current state_sm

The French Village, as it exists now. The only piece of the original Storybook Land that exists today. Its pretty amazing that its lasted all these years. However, without restoration soon, it too will end up falling apart like the rest of the original houses of Storybook Land.

If you’ve enjoyed these amazing behind the scenes images of Storybook Land’s history, then I encourage you to help our efforts to preserve an actual piece of Storybook Land’s history.  Your donation to our Indiegogo campaign will help us restore and display an entire original village that has survived from its removal in 1981 at Walt’s barn.  Please don’t let these priceless artifacts of Disneyland history go to waste.  We can only do this with your help.

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